Hello! I am MacKenzie Kennedy and I’m from Brea, California. I attend Plymouth State University in Plymouth, New Hampshire. I found PSU after my hockey team did a college tour trip and I was immediately drawn to the small town environment. Coming from a large suburb of Orange County, I was enthralled with the natural beauty of New Hampshire. Those aspects, as well as the state of the art ice arena, ultimately led to my decision to further my education at PSU.

The women’s ice hockey locker room
This is me in my stall before a home game

I originally was pursuing a degree in biology in hopes to transfer to a dental school after four years and become an orthodontist. However, the classes I was taking and research I was doing brought me to my current education and career goals.Due to my interest in multiple fields of study, such as biology, psychology, and health sciences, I decided to pursue a degree through PSU’s Interdisciplinary Studies program. This program allows me to create my own major and take classes that are precisely suited to my academic needs. I am creating a major that is specifically oriented to allow me to pursue a career in the medical field; specifically, nursing in a psychiatric hospital or providing health services in a substance abuse rehabilitation program or a sober living home. With either of these careers I can help those who may not be capable of helping themselves and work with those individuals to learn strategies to help them live the healthiest life possible.



My teammate Eleanor and I after we were named to the all-tournament team at The Saint Michaels Tournament in Burlington, Vermont

My ultimate goal is to eventually own and run my own sober living home. With this, I can provide health services and create an environment that is atypical of most sober living homes. I plan to help people through their hardships by sharing the gospel and providing a Christ centered approach to overcoming substance abuse . I want the methods I use to overcome substance abuse to have a lasting effect, thus minimizing the chance of relapse. By owning and operating this home I want to establish an environment that is suited to the individual needs of each person and provide a safe, loving, and encouraging environment for people to recover from substance abuse issues; while showing people how the the love of Christ has gotten me and many of my loved ones past obstacles that seemed insurmountable.

My sister, Kamryn, and I on Santa Catalina Island off the coast of California

I love Jesus, hockey, learning and making art! I am an avid reader and Billy Joel enthusiast. One day I hope my decisions and work will change lives. If I could positively impact the life of even one person, I would consider myself successful!



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  1. Wow! Im glad I know more about you and what has influenced your writing. I can’t wait to read more of your blog posts!

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