My PLN Plan

Jeffrey Zeldman CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

For my PLN I plan to continue my use of twitter. I have used twitter before to share ideas and hear ideas from other scholars in my field and in others. I think Twitter is a great place to share new ideas or articles that are thought provoking. It also allows you to have discussion with someone who lives on the other side of the world or someone who lives five minutes away. It can facilitate stimulating conversation and is an excellent tool for sharing new ideas and thoughts.

CC BY 2.0 David Leonardo Méndez Hernández

Because I have already used Twitter as a PLN I know how beneficial it can be to your intellectual being. It allows you to hear from well-known scholars from any discipline you can think of and can provide feedback from those same people in a matter of seconds. I don’t mind being public with my PLN. It’s awesome that I can share my ideas and potentially hear from experts on whatever topic I’m discussing. I plan to tweet, retweet, and interact weekly with people I follow and hopefully hear back from them. My PLN will serve me well if I can glean any new insights and information shared by professionals and experts that I follow.

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