New Big Sister

Recently I have decided to enroll in the Big Brother Big Sister program with the New Hampshire chapter. I’ve heard about this program and I’ve seen it in different movies, but I’ve never considered about doing it myself. I think overall I am super excited because I love kids. They are so funny and actually have so much insight to offer.

I have found that kids today have so much access to technology; something I didn’t have as much access to as a kid. This is so cool, but I also feel like it has sucked kids into a virtual reality that can be very difficult to escape. Some of the most memorable moments I had as a kid was playing outside with my neighbors and making up games with our imaginations. That was the best part of growing up for me.

As I see more and more kids straying away from that and moving towards video games and virtual activities that require less and less imagination it makes me think. Overall, I don’t know if I think that is all bad or all good because like everything, each side has benefits. One thing I can attest to is that video games and computers cannot replace the intensity of our battles against foreign invaders we had in our front yard or the feeling of pounding ice cold Hi-Cs or Otter Pops after a long, hot day of foursquare.

By enrolling in this program, I hope to not only become a pal and mentor to whomever I get placed with; I also hope that my little sister can help me to relax and again begin to enjoy life like I did when I was a kid. You never know it then, but being a kid is one of the most fun times of your life and you never realize how much you take it for granted until you have 2 hours to complete 12 hours of homework and papers.

Don’t get me wrong, I have LOVED college, but sometimes I wish that life could be simplified back to the days when the only thing I needed to worry about was when the streetlight came on, which meant I had to go home for dinner.

I can’t wait to get this process started and I hope that I can make even a minute difference in my sister’s life.

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