Research Paper and Applied Project Prospectus and Timeline

Research Paper Prospectus

I am working on the topic of drug policies because I want to find out what drug policies look like in other countries in order to help my reader better understand potential reforms or strategies that can be established to help the problem of widespread drug abuse and addiction.

This topic is interesting to me for a few different reasons. I have always been interested in drugs and their different mechanisms of action. Looking at drug addiction through a psychology lens, leads to the understanding that drug addiction is an actual mental illness and should be treated as such. One of the common issues in dealing with people who are addicted to drugs is that they are seen as criminals, deadbeats, scourges of society; in all seriousness, they need the people around them to help rather than demonize them.

I think that if we analyze the drug policies of other countries and find instances where a policy has either been successful or unsuccessful and extrapolate those polices to fit the American society, then maybe we can make greater strides in our war on drugs. I know many people who have either been addicted to drugs or have been affected by someone who is addicted to drugs. It is an extremely tolling thing to deal with and I want to try to change addiction rates and the overall stigma that surrounds people with addictions.

I want to write this paper and hopefully reach even one person who consciously or unconsciously demonizes people who fall prey to drug addiction and help them understand that a person is not defined by their circumstances. If I can help show successful policies used by other countries that have helped reduce addiction rates and even the stigma then maybe we can facilitate more of an open discussion on the problems of widespread addiction.

The main things I want to explore are the policies in other countries that have been most effective and least effective. I will also need to explore the parallels in the societies that have implemented effective policies and see if that policy could even work in U.S. society.

I’m hoping to find research on this topic on Web of Science, Google Scholar, or Jstor.

Research Paper Timeline

My overall game plan for this paper is to get the bulk of the research out of the way in the beginning. I want to have all the research finished by the week of October 15th. Once I’ve done that and have read through everything then I plan to start compiling the research and discussing it in my paper. I plan to start the actual writing by the week of October 22nd. My goal is to get at least a section or subtopic done each week so that I can stay on track with my writing and not get behind. If I stick to this schedule I believe I should have a rough draft of my paper by November 19th for class.


  • Finish research -> Oct. 15th
  • Go through and compile significant findings -> Oct. 15-22
  • Begin writing -> Oct. 22nd
  • Finish rough draft -> Nov. 19th

Applied Project Prospectus

How can I raise awareness and educate the students of PSU and Plymouth’s community, on mental health and increase open discussions of mental health to decrease stigmas surrounding it?

For my applied project, I want to dedicate one of the women’s Ice Hockey games to educate the community and raise overall awareness of mental health and how it impacts everyone. This game will be a night that focuses on providing literature that helps people better understand mental health and all it entails, as well as pointing people to resources that can help them with their mental health. I want to do this because bringing mental health into the light is so important. I hope that using a public platform to discuss mental health can lead to greater discussion within microsystems and hopefully help reduce stigmas surrounding mental illness within PSU’s community.

My IDS program is centered around mental health and I think there isn’t a better way to directly use the knowledge I have gained throughout my program.

Because this night requires significant planning and preparation I will definitely have to stay on track so that everything will be done in time for the event. The best way to go about this would be to set personal deadlines for everything that needs to get done.

A lot of fundraising has to be done as well to have the money to pay for the things we want for the game so the team has a few different fundraising ideas that can help raise money.

This event requires me to closely collaborate with my coach and my teammates Alie and Kassidy because we make up the event coordinators for our team. We meet weekly as a group to go over our tasks for the week and what still needs to be done so that we can make sure everything is being completed on time.

I want to post a synopsis of the event with pictures and maybe some video to my ePort to show how it went.

I will know that my project was successful if we have a good turnout of people and if I put as much effort into it as I’m capable of. We can compare our average attendance with regular games to attendance for this game to see if more people came.

I am also hoping to somehow raise money for a local organization that is involved with mental health. I’m not sure how to go about that since Plymouth State is a non-profit school, but I am working with people from the athletic department to determine how we can make this night as beneficial to the community as we can.

Applied Project Timeline

There are so many other details that I have not discussed in depth with my coach. I have so many ideas that I want to bring to fruition for the game, but I’m not entirely sure what is plausible yet. I hope to have all the details and plans worked out by the end of November.

The game will be taking place on January 25that 6:00 pm. We are planning on designing and ordering custom jerseys for the event. Those jerseys will have to be ordered by in the end of November, beginning of December at the latest to ensure the company has ample time to make and ship the jerseys.


  • Fundraising complete -> beginning to middle of November
  • All the details finalized -> end of November
  • Jerseys designed and ordered -> end of November or Beginning of December
  • All literature, materials, and resources collected and ready to be presented or distributed -> January 18th2019
  • Night of the event January 25th 2019


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  1. This is all great stuff. One thing to keep in mind: Some element of your Applied Project needs to be finished no later than December 10, since it’s getting graded for this term and you’re presenting information about it during the End of Semester Celebration. Think about what you can be finished with, what you can present, and what you can be assessed on before the actual event.

  2. Hey Mac!
    Your research paper sounds awesome and I look forward to reading it! I’m sure that you’ll be able to find so much on this, especially through the library resources. Your timeline for this looks good too, I think that the two week increments look good when putting the paper together. I also think that your applied project is a great idea too and I can’t wait to see how everything comes together 🙂

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