You Are Not Crazy

I wanted to write a post about this series of tweets because I find them so relevant to my program and projects I have been working on.


Mental illnesses are NOT something we used to describe ourselves when we are having a bad day, stressed out, or exhibiting “annoying” behaviors. Mental illnesses are something people CANNOT control. For us to use language like this when we describe undesirable behaviors not only are we insinuating that having a mental illness makes you undesirable, but it makes light of a situation that is anything but light. Mental illness is not something to joke about. People struggle more than we can understand by just looking at them. We need to be significantly more cognitive with the words we choose to use on a daily basis.

Being overly organized does NOT mean you have OCD and making mistakes does NOT mean you are crazy or insane. We need to stand together and actively fight the stigma that is placed intentionally and unintentionally on mental illness every single day.

Stand up for what is right!!

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